We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on our recent equipment rundowns for Cleveland Golf’s new RTX-3 wedges and Huntington Beach Collection putters.
In light of that response, we reached out to Cleveland Golf and its partner brand, Srixon, to keep going through the bag with their latest offerings. To our delight, they agreed to send us a set of the new Srixon Z765 irons to try.
Here’s what you need to know about these excellent clubs:

Simple Is Best
A lot of golf clubs, throughout the bag, seem to be getting busier-looking these days. Clubheads also seem to be getting bigger and chunkier in order to appeal to players looking for maximum forgiveness.
(Srixon Golf)
With its latest Z Series irons Srixon has taken the opposite approach, opting to focus on using high quality materials to create forged irons that have a traditional look but still contain some helpful new features.
We tested a set of Z765, the middle-ground of the three new iron models. These cavity-back irons, forged out of 1020 carbon steel, look clean, simple and inviting; from the moment we unboxed them, we couldn’t wait to hit them.
Technology You Can Feel
Srixon’s traditional technologies don’t mean they’re shying away from tech advances. On the new Z Series irons, the sole, called the “Tour VT Sole,” is the main advancement. Unlike other irons, whose soles are more or less flat, Srixon removed some material from the back part of the sole, rounding it off.
(Srixon Golf)
Less material on the bottom part of the club means the club moves through the turf more easily, which I appreciated not just on shots out of the thick Bermuda rough at my home course, but the fairways as well.
Three Models For All Players
As I alluded to earlier, the new Srixon Z Series irons come in three different models: the Z565, Z765 and Z965.
The Z565 is the most forgiving of Srizon’s new iron offerings, with a deep cavity and moderate offset combining with the new Tour VT sole to offer maximum forgiveness and distance in a forged iron.
The Z765 features a little less offset, a slightly smaller head and a thinner topline, all meant to give the mid- to low-handicap player a great combination of feel and workability.
Finally, the Z965 is Srixon’s answer to the classic muscleback blade. Built for players who are most concerned about a thoroughly classic look, minimal offset and more shot-shaping ability than other irons offer, the Z965 are perfect for low-handicap players who get the chance to practice regularly and play often.
You can order all three of these iron sets directly from Srixon, with the option to customize shafts, grip, length, loft and lie for all three models. To do so, just click here.
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